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A Sponsor-A-Child Program of Child Connect 1


An association with  D.I.M.A/GCC

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D.I.M.A. is delighted to announce a new member of the ministry family, much anticipated program: BLESSED TO CONNECT.

We are proud to be doing this exciting work in partnership with  Gospel Community Churches, Nakuru, Kenya. Together, we will change the world for many children and young adults.

          Sponsor A Child

Perhaps you are looking for a way to get personally involved with a vulnerable child or young adult who desperately needs your help; your search is over.

         Why Sponsor A Child

Sponsoring a child or young adult is one way of profoundly impacting a life for ever. Research shows that sponsorship programs translates into measurable outcomes, such as higher educational levels and future earnings for those who get involved.

         Why Sponsor A Child

Kenya is currently home to 46 million people, and more than 35% of Kenyans suffer from food insecurity and malnutrition each year, with 2.6 million facing a food insecurity crisis. The state of food insecurity in this country is serious, with the country ranking 86 out of 117 countries on the 2019 Global Hunger Index.

Kenya suffers from a severe water crisis due to multiple causes, including droughts, forest degradation, floods, a lack of water supply management, the contamination of water, and population growth.

59% of people in Kenya have access to safe drinking water. 29% of people in Kenya have access to improved sanitation facilities. 


When you sponsor a child, you:

* Rescue that child from the throes of poverty

* Change their lives forever and the most positive way

* Inspire their future hopes and dreams

* Develop a  meaningful, long-term relationship when with a responsible, loving adult

Your Dollar Goes A Long Way 

You can break the cycle of poverty for a child and their family. When you get involved with our program, you  bring hope and love to a beautiful child or a promising young adult. 


To adopt a child or young adult is just:

$30 per month- Primary School

$50 per month- University


Perhaps you are really not ready to adopt a child, consider giving a gift of love of any amount. That would be greatly appreciated.

All gifts to this ministry are tax deductible.




One time gift


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