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Dr. Halene Marie Giddens is the First Lady of Destiny Christian Center located in Victorville, California and the executive overseer of Destiny International Ministerial Alliance (D.I.M.A.) along with her Husband Bishop Jesse J Giddens Jr who is the presiding prelate.

She and her husband have been married for over 36 years. The two of them have been in full-time ministry together for 26 years.  They have two adult children, Brittney Halene Marie and Jonathan David. 


Dr. Halene is a licensed and ordained minister of the Gospel.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Speak the Word School of Ministry in 1996, her Master’s Degree in Theology from the Institute of Teaching God’s Word in 1998, and her Doctorate of Ministry from the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology in 2005. She, along with her husband, Bishop Giddens, completed the Sonship School of the Firstborn under the tutelage of the late Apostle Nathaniel Holcomb, who recently transitioned to be with the Lord and their Spiritual Mother, Pastor Valerie Ivy Holcomb in 2007. 


She is a sought-after speaker at women’s conferences, seminars, and churches.  She is anointed and has been appointed to speak the Word in due season to them that are weary.  Dr. Halene also established the Women With Destiny (WWD) and Daughters of Destiny Ministries, geared toward Christian women’s spiritual health and development.


One thing Dr. Halene can say about her life is that she has learned to trust in the Lord her God and encourages others to seek and sustain an intimate walk with Christ.  She enjoys being alongside her husband in ministry and wouldn’t have it any other way.


She says, “It is a privilege and honor to be able to share the life-changing Word of God with God’s people.”  

Most importantly, she truly loves the One she preaches about and that is Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God.

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